Social Media Arrogance Drives Your Customers Away

social media arroganceThere’s nothing wrong in being professional, but sometimes professionalism can put a distance, social media arrogance, between you and your customers, clients or prospects. Social media is a leveller: it democratises the distribution of information and it opens up multiple channels of communication. This provides new opportunities for businesses to market themselves more effectively, but it requires adaptation, and those unwilling, or unable, to adapt, are likely to lose out.

Adopting a Social Media Culture

Social media arrogance is very often a result of lack of true understanding of social media as a communication tool. Business owners and leaders have a certain depth of knowledge about what they do, but the key to having a successful social media strategy is understanding how this knowledge works when looking at customers and prospects and how it should be communicated via social media so that it drives meaningful engagement.

Many businesses simply opt to push out – broadcast – content through multiple social media channels. They may think that this constitutes a strategy, by virtue of the fact that they are doing a lot of it, but it’s like being cornered at a networking event by someone who only wants to talk about themselves.

What differentiates social media from other forms of digital marketing is that it is designed to open up a dialogue. It is a two-way process, and is therefore most effective when it leaves room for this process.

A business that successfully adopts a social media culture understands that it is engaging with its audience, not simply trying to sell to it.

Learning to Lighten Up

If you offer a professional service, does this mean you can’t communicate with your customers and prospects at a human level?

The fact is, your audience will have certain concerns and interests. That is why they come to you. If they were as professionally versed as you are then they wouldn’t need to use your services. So your communications should reflect their concerns, see things from their perspective.

Social media is ideal for doing this, because it allows you to build relationships with your audience. But to do this you have to lighten up and learn to talk their language.

This is a people issue – managing and protecting your brand making it personable and approachable.

Don’t assume people will come to you or take an interest in your content simply because of what you offer. Social media is about relationships and relationships have to be worked at. To find out the most effective way of doing this, contact Uniqua Brand, and we’ll show you how you can truly engage with your audience.

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