Preparing Your Business for Change

We provide the guidance, advice, mentoring, tools and training to help you use social media effectively.

Our tailored blueprint for your social media success involves these key stages:




We find out all about you and what makes your business tick, including your services or products, your clients, the industries you work with or in, the size of the companies you do business with and the roles of the people you engage with as part of your business. Essentially we get under your skin to understand how your current business development is working.


Set Up

From our in-depth research and the knowledge we’ve gained about your business we work on integrating social media into your business strategy. How this unfolds will be determined by your business goals and your plans for growth and development.



We work with you. We’re not there to replace your own teams but to enhance their knowledge and help them make the transition to absorbing your new social media strategy into their working methods and processes. When we launch your social media programme, it’s your team that will be at the controls.