How Financial Services Firm Can Easily Benefit from LinkedIn

LinkedInWrite thought-leadership articles

Show your expertise and knowledge within the Financial Services sector by writing articles with useful advice for your connections. You’ll generate valuable leads simply by proving you’re a trusted source for up-to-date information, and people will look to you for advice and comment on industry happenings.

Use paid media to optimise results

Social media ROI is something many sectors are still hesitant about, but using paid media on LinkedIn means you can reach exactly the right audience in a cost-effective way. Use job title targeting to make sure CEOs, CFOs and senior management are seeing your work.

Spend time engaging in conversation

When you’ve made a connection on LinkedIn, take the time to comment on their updates and read the news they’re sharing. If you have an opinion on a news story, don’t be afraid to share it, as you’ll be front of mind when the time comes for your connections to update their finance or accountancy services.

Ask for recommendations

If you’ve done a good job at your Financial Services firm, ask those who’ve worked alongside you to endorse you using LinkedIn recommendations. The individual talents of your employees will reflect well on the company as a whole.

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